• 2007/06/05xHacker v2.5 Basic



    Download v2.5 Basic
     xHacker v2.5 Basic

    Very Important

    You must Run the file RegisterDependencies.exe before running any other executable..
    The file RegisterDependencies will register the required controls for the Client of xHacker to run.
    It is NOT fake..
    If you are not sure, then you have to register MSCOMCTL.OCX and MSWINSCK.OCX and XTab.ocx
    and actskn43.ocx manually via the RegSvr command

    Changes log between v2 and v2.5
    ( note: latest private is 3.0 )

    No bugs with Vista now..the server can run full-featured without any bugs even in non-admin mode.TESTED and VERIFIED.

    System Information:
    *Now you can get extra details about the installed programs, and even change those details directly, also you have options to uninstall\silent uninstall program.

    *AudioRecord PlugIn re-coded, 100% working..the record is saved in mp3 format to reduce file size, and save the quality.

    *Now, you can get\set the files saved in the windows\Clipboard.

    *In the report view you can see the files sizes and types concurretly.
    *Icon refreshing method re-coded.Now, you don't have to worry about the number of files in the directory, the icons will be displayed in any case, even the files are more than 100 without any memory overflows.
    *Removed the <> before the folders names.

    *Now you can search both files and folders, and manage them from the Find Files window with the sama capabilities of the File Manager.

    *Added Registry Search, with the same options available exactly in the Windows Registry Manager.
    *Added support for read\write the following value types with 100% compatiblity: Binary, DWORD, QWORD, MultiString, Expandable String.

    Windows Manager:
    *You can now capture the window area, and save it as JPG file.
    *Also, you can now see the window size and position directly from the window manager with no need for the special feature "GetHWnd".
    *You can now change thw window size and position, and preview it before apply.

    *Fixed the bug of the command parameters when trying to find the files path.

    *Now, there are 2 methods..one for Non-Vista, and the other is for Windows Vista only..this is part of the comaptiblity issues with Vista fixing.

    Daniel-Of-Service (Professional version ONLY) :
    *This is a MAJOR feature added to xHacker..supports two methods to attack websites..since it is highly illegal, so I decided to make it available in the Professional version only..and the methods will remain secret since they are until now "New"..

    *By using it, you can make attacks using your victims systems to any website..thsi can cause .lot of HARM..DO NOT use it to attack websites NOT your's..

    *Added Environment Variables to the save file path..so, now you can choose between 45 different environment variables to save the downloaded file(the same added to the Server Builder and File Manager).

    Fun Manager:
    *New PlugIn.."Extra Extra !!"..this PlugIn contains 15 different tricks..currently it is noly in the Professional version, but it is sceduled to be released in the next free version..

    Extra features (only in the Professional version 3.0 of xHacker)

    *Totally Undetectable server, bypasses any anti-virus scan.

    *Startup Bypass(SUB) option in the Server Builder, to bind the server with any of the startup items already in the victim system to totally trick the victim and startup monitors.

    *Firewall Bypass(FWB) option in the Server Builder, to inject the server in any running process and/or hide the server process from task managers(including third-part programs other than Windows Task Manager), to fake the firewalls.

    *Daniel-Of-Service Attack feature, which allows you to use your victims systems to make attacks to the internet websites remotely.

    *Damage functions, including: Format Drives, Flood Drives, Deleting Kernel files, and new PlugIn for patching BIOS(may cause very big harm).

    *7 Extra very useful thrid-part programs, with their licenses.

    *Reverse Connection and SIN(Static-IP-Notification) to get notified with victims instantly and bypass routers and firewalls prreventing server from making direct connection.

    *Exterminator technology in the Server Builder(very useful to make codes to totally moderate the security system of the victim before installing the server).

    *Exterminator Actions Files(XAFs), to learn how to use the Extermiantor, the examples include ones for Kaspersky and McAfee and NAV 2007 editions.

    *FTP server plugin(turn the victim system into FTP server, and connect to it via any FTP client to easy the file transfer).

    *Undetectable version of the Password Stealer plugin, totally undetectable for anti-virus and anti-spyware programs, and including new features, for example BIOS password dumping and lots of new applications passwords grabbing.

    *WinRAR FULL PlugIn..the WinRAR FULL PlugIn can handle not only RAR files as in the basic version, but it supports also: ZIP, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR,ISO, Z, 7Z.

    *25 Extra Skins for the Client interface.

    Other Options (Beside buying the Professional version, you have other options)

    *You can buy the Entire source code
    (contact me via xhackeranywhereearth@yahoo.com to discuss the price, which should be substantial).



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